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WELCOME to the Norwood Firefighters Association Charity!

On a daily basis, we are diligently working to grow our charity organization to help those in need right here in Ohio. However, we can't do it alone! We need your support to spread the word, to add camaraderie and faces to our fun and fulfilling charity events and of course, to increase the number of children reached with donations.

Browse our site to see what we are all about, and how you can help us make

a difference today!

- Thank You from the Norwood Firefighters Association


Hundreds of children in the Ohio area are without the means to acquire proper and available treatments for their debilitating illnesses. They are living lower qualities of life than the medical world gives potential for, and their families suffer as well trying to support them in their everyday life and activities.


NFA Ran/ Sponsored Events



~ $10,000 annually raised during our annual Golf Outing and Holiday Dance, which benefit the PLOGMAN AND CONDRON SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Each year we are able to help one senior from Norwood High School achieve their goals. Robert Plogman and James Condron are two Norwood firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. Thanks to many years of donor support and contributions, we are fortunate enough to honor their memory by with an annual senior scholarship.

$DONATIONS to SHRINERS HOSPITAL OF CINCINNATI. The Norwood Firefighters Association has supported Shriners in their efforts to save and improve the lives of burn victims. All of the services provided by the Shriners Hospital are done at no cost to their patients and burn victims travel from around the world to receive specialized treatment here in our community.

$DONATIONS to the MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ASSOCIATION. Over the years, the Norwood Firefighters Association Charity has been a strong supporter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Part of our support is shown with attendance at the annual Fill the Boot Campaign.

3 CHILDREN given independence and mobility with $250-$1200 AmTrykes Tricycles


The Norwood Firefighters Association is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting the local community as well as contributing to regional charities. We annually hold events such as a Christmas dance and the Norwood Firefighters Association golf outing. These events, along with donations from local businesses, citizens, social groups, and other charitable organizations are the backbone of our association. If you have donated in the past, thank you for being such an important influence in our programs If you are a new donor, we would like to welcome you to our association.